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European Particle Accelerator Conferences:  EPAC 1996  EPAC 1998    EPAC 2000 EPAC 2002 EPAC 2004

Asian Particle Accelerator Conferences:     APAC 1998 APAC2001 APAC2004


Particle Accelerator Conferences:   PAC 1995     PAC 1997   PAC 1999   PAC2001    PAC2003


Linac Conferences:  LINAC 1996    LINAC 1998   LINAC 2000 (Proceedings) LINAC 2002 LINAC 2004


RF Superconductivity Conferences:   RFSC 1999 SRF2001 SRF2003 SRF2005


International Workshop on the Utilisation and Reliability of High Power Proton Accelerators:

HPPA1998    HPPA 1999    HPPA 2002 HPPA 2004

Physical Review Special Topics Accelerators and Beams


Website for the Asian, European and 

American Particle Accelerator Conference:   Joint Accelerator Conference Proceedings