INFN - CEA - CNRS collaboration
Legnaro meeting, December 10-11, 1998


10 December 1998

  9 00 Welcome of the director                                                                    G. Fortuna
  9 20 IPHI Status                                                                                           J-M. Lagniel
  9 40 IPHI RFQ design                                                                                 R. Ferdinand
  10 00 IPHI RFQ RF System                                                                        M. Desmons
  10 20 IPHI RFQ Cavity design                                                                   P. Balleyguier

  10 40 Coffee break

  11 10 IPHI RFQ RF Measurements                                                            F. Simoens 
  11 25 IPHI RFQ Coupling Design Approach                                            A. France 
  11 40 TRASCO RFQ status and design                                                    A. Pisent
  12 00 TRASCO RFQ cavity design and model measurements            G. Lamanna

  12 30 Lunch

  14 30 Beam dynamics design up to 100 MeV                                          M.Comunian
  14 50 Beam halo studies with the frequency map analysis method    A.Bazzani 
  15 10 RFQ construction experience at LNL                                              G.Bisoffi

  15 30 Coffee break

  16 00 Visit of LNL
  20 00 Dinner

11 December 1998 

  9 00 Meetings on specific topics

  10 30 Coffee break

  11 00 Discussion on the collaboration

  12 30 Lunch



The first day of the meeting that took place in Legnaro was devoted to presentations and discussions on the recent progress of both teams in the field of high-power linear accelerators (since the Saclay meeting, February 9-10, 1998). It has been shown (see copies of the transparencies) that the studies have significantly evolved in many fields, specially for the RFQ, often with complementary approaches, thanks to synergies triggered by the signed MOU.

The common fields of interest for the next steps of the collaboration have been discussed on the second day. The main points are :
RF measurements on LNL low power RFQ model.

  • Theoretical RF studies on RFQ cavities  
  • - to define in a systematic way the tuning procedure (using the eigen modes expansion of the measured field),
    - to interpret cold model measurements,
    - to study the dynamical response of the cavity to RF transients...
  • Comparison of RFQ beam dynamics (design approach and simulations). 
  • Exchange of information on RFQ construction aspects. 
  • Beam dynamics studies relative to the halo formation process. 
  • Work on superconducting cavities operating in the 5-100 MeV range. 
  •                                                                                                                        J-M. Lagniel, A. Pisent

    List of participants :

    Jean-Michel Lagniel (jmlagniel@cea.fr) 
    Alain France (afrance@cea.fr) 
    Michel Desmons (mdesmons@cea.fr) 
    Pascal Balleyguier (balleyg@bruyeres.cea.fr) 
    Robin Ferdinand (rferdinand@cea.fr) 
    François Simoens (fsimoens@cea.fr) 

    Andrea Pisent (pisent@lnl.infn.it) 
    Michele Comunian (comunian@lnl.infn.it) 
    Giuseppe Lamanna (lamanna@ba.infn.it) 
    Armando Bazzani (armando.bazzani@bo.infn.it) 
    Augusto Lombardi (alombardi@lnl.infn.it) 
    Alberto Facco (facco@lnl.infn.it) 
    Graziano Fortuna (fortuna@lnl.infn.it) 
    Anna Maria Porcellato (porcellato@lnl.infn.it) 
    Giovanni Bisoffi (bisoffi@lnl.infn.it) 
    Federico Cervellera (cervellera@lnl.infn.it)